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The EcoSystem Method
AKA - The Living Natural Filtration

Through personal experience and experiments throughout the year, here is what we found out that this EcoSystem Method is comprised of:

1. The Miracle Mud releases 70+ mineral essential elements to stabilize the water chemistry.
2. Mineral elements were used up and depleted after one year.  We recommend that 1/3 to 1/2 left or right of Miracle MUd in the refugium be replaced.  If this is not suitable then use E3 to maintain these mineral essential elements.
3. Phytoplanktons (green singular cell algae) grow in the system.
4. This combination of phytoplankton growth and the stabilization of water chemistry lead to the growth of zooplankton in the system (tank and filter).  Hence the living natural filtration.
5. With the thickness of Miracle Mud 1" to 1.5", it will become an efficient denitrater filter, i.e. fixing nitrate into nitrogen and oxygen gases.
6. Miracle Mud will provide the best nutrients/fertilizer for caulerpa (chaetomorpha) to grow well.  With regular trimming, as the caulerpa constantly builds its biomass, will help control nitrate and phophate levels.
7. Our experiments have shown that stony corals and sps corals have better color and grow about 30% faster than other methods when the skimmer runs for about 6 hours per day.
8. Very low maintenance with the added benefit of healthy fish and corals - when running this "living natural filtration" can lead to more time to enjoy the hobby.  It is priceless!

EcoSystem Pro 3616 Model