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Will the Eco Mod work on different sizes of Maxi-Jet pumps?

YES, the Eco Mod Will work on all Maxi-Jets 400, 600, 900, and 1200 models. You get the largest increase in water flow on the 400 but it will work on all models.

Will the Eco Mod 1200 work on different sizes of Maxi-Jet pumps?

NO, the Eco Mod 1200 is designed for the larger Maxi-Jet pumps. It can work on a 900 but is specifically designed for the Maxi-Jet 1200.

Does the Eco Mod make noise in the aquarium?

The Eco Mod can have a slight noise at first especially on the 1200 model pumps. This is perfectly normal and the noise will fade away after the shaft gets broken in usually after a few hours but it could take several days.

Can the Eco Mod work on a wave maker?

We do not recommend using the Eco Mod with a wave maker due to the high torque from frequent hard on hard off of most wave makers. If you have a slow on slow off wave maker then this should not be a problem.

Do your V-Clips float?

YES, they will float if they happen to pop off in the tank.

What is so special about the Miracle Mud?

Miracle Mud is 80% oceanic mud, harvested in a certain region at a certain depth, 20% trade secret when processed we blend minerals and trace elements that is time released into the water column. Therefore it is not necessary to add any chemicals or additives to balance the water chemistry.
Miracle Mud Independent Analysis 

How often should I do a 50% mud change?

New Ecosystems can run for two years before a mud change is required. After this initial two year period, a 50% mud change is needed each year thereafter.

Why do I need to do a 50% mud change?

A 50% mud change is necessary to replenish the essential trace elements that are consumed by the animals.

How to prepare for a mud change?

Premixed saltwater (24 hours ahead of time) 2410 use 10 gal., 3012 use 15 gal., 3612 use 20 gal., 3616 use 25 gal. – Wide flat spatula or spoon – Siphon hose (minimum of 3/4″ inch in diameter) (pump optional) – (1-2) 5 gallon bucket(s) – A few towels (for clean up) – Replacement Miracle Mud (50% of total amount needed for sump/filter) 2410 use 5 pds., 3012 use 10 pds., 3612 use 15 pds., 3616 use 20 pds.

How to perform a 50% mud change? Steps 1-7

#1 – Unplug the lights and pumps in the sump/filter area. Allow the water to backflow into the sump/filter. #2 – Siphon the loose detritus off the top of the entire Chamber 2/mud bed with the siphon hose (you might remove a little mud during this process – which is acceptable) #3 – Remove as much water as possible from Chamber 2/mud bed area. #4 – At this point, divide Chamber 2/mud bed into 2 halves (left and right). Decide which half you will replace. Leave other side untouched until next year. #5 – Remove the algae/plants from the half that you have decided to replace. Lay the plants on top of the other mud section for now. #6 – Remove the mud with the spatula/spoon and discard the used mud. #7 – Pour replacement mud into the filter and level off with your hand.

How to perform a 50% mud change? Steps 8-14

#8 – Lay the empty miracle mud bag over the top of the mud bed and slowly pour the new premixed saltwater on top of the bag until the water level is 1 inch over the mud bed (using the bag prevents disruption of the mud bed when water is poured over it) #9 – After a few minutes, carefully remove the bag and replant the algae/plants into the new mud bed. #10 – Again, lay the empty miracle mud bag on top of the algae bed and fill Chamber 2/mud bed with water to the top of Chamber 3’s overflow wall. #11 – Carefully remove plastic bag. #12 – Remove floating debris from mud bed chamber. #13 – Allow system to settle for 1 hour. #14 – Start system up (lights and pumps)

Do I need to inoculate the mud bed with sea critters?

No. This will happen within 4 – 6 weeks.

Trimming the Caulerpa. When and how often??????

Caulerpa should be trimmed or thinned as needed by utilizing scissors to cut away thick growth at the surface allowing light to penetrate the base. (Do not pull Caulerpa roots from mud bed.)

What species of Caulerpa are best?

There is no one species better than another.

Can I use multiple species of Caulerpa?


Can I use Seagrass in the mud bed chamber?


Can I plant a mangrove in the mud bed?


What kind of Caulerpa/Plant do I need for my sump????

The function of Caulerpa is to create photosynthesis which will oxygenate the water, and also fixation of nutrients for example Nitrates and Phosphates into plant biomass. Therefore it is important to keep the Caulerpa trimmed which will help remove excess nutrients. To answer the question, any type of Caulerpa will achieve the goal.

Do I need Caulerpa Plants in my EcoSystem????

Caulerpa plants are beneficial but not absolutely necessary. Your EcoSystem will perform at an optimum level with Caulerpa Plants. Without Caulerpa Plants you can expect to see some Hair Algae in the main tank. This can be overcome by introducing algae grazing fish, crabs and snails. All the benefits from the Miracle Mud will still exist.

Where do I get Caulerpa????

If your local dealer has an EcoSystem display, they should be harvesting Caulerpa Plants on a regular basis. If they do not have a display, they should have a number of contacts in your area.

Will the EcoSystem mud filter work without algae or plants?


Can I soak my frozen food in Fish, Fresh, Reef or Koisiphoning solutions?


How much Live Sand or Crushed Coral do I put into my Main Tank????

In an Ecosystem tank the purpose of the substrate is for decoration only!!!! The substrate does not contribute to the filtration of the system. Our experiments indicate a base of 1″ or more could become a nutrient sink and could produce an undesired effect. The Nitrites and Phosphates will become high, an Algae Bloom could occur, and maybe Hydrogen Sulfide Gas. We recommend the substrate in the main tank be limited to 3/8″ or less. We also recommend siphoning the substrate to remove detritus and regular water changes.

Can I have substrate in the main tank?

Yes, keep it under 1″ deep.

How often should I do water changes in an EcoSystem filtered tank?

1. Generally 3% – 10% per month (Marine of Freshwater) 2. The purpose for water changes in an EcoSystem filtered tank are: To remove detritus from the main tank and substrate, first turn off all your pumps. Utilizingsiphoned a small power head or turkey baster blow off all your rocks. Allow debris to settle on substrate for around a half hour. Vacuum your substrate to remove all Debra. Replace all siphoned water and start your system. Fish only tanks should be done bi-weekly basis.

How often should I feed the fish?

As often as you eat!!!! Two to three times daily.

What Freshwater plants can I use in the mud?

Any kind of easy fast growing aquatic plants.

Should the lights be left on 24/7 over the mud?

Yes, Marine and Freshwater.

How often should I change the lights on my filter?

Once a year.

Do I need Carbon in an EcoSystem filtered tank?


Can I use Carbon on an EcoSystem filtered tank?

Yes, carbon should only be used as a polisher after water change.

Is the EcoSystem method a modified algae scrubber?


Can I use Reef Solution in my Reef tank?

Yes, please use half the dose for EcoSystem mud filtered tanks.

Can I use Fish Solution in my Fish only tank?

Yes, please use half the dose for EcoSystem mud filtered tanks.

Can I use Fresh Solution in my Freshwater tank?

Yes, please use half the dose for EcoSystem mud filtered tanks.

What elements should I be testing for in my reef tank?

Calcium and dKH./ALK A. Calcium should be between 325-450ppm B. dKH should be between 10-14 value C. Alkalinity should be between 3.54-4.91 meq/L

Can the Ecosystem sumps handle overflow water in the event of power failure?

Yes. Be sure to use the recommended sump size: ** 40 – 60 Gallons – System 2410 ** 70 – 95 Gallons – System 3012 ** 100 – 135 Gallons – System 3612 ** 140 – 240 Gallons – System 3616 ** 250 – 500 Gallons – System 4822 ** 500 – 1000 Gallons – System 7222

Can I use a pre filter on a EcoSystem filtered tank?

Yes. Must be cleaned weekly.

Can I use a UV Sterilizer with an EcoSystem Filter?


Do I turn off my pump to feed my fish???

No!!! Not necessary.

Can I put a heater in the EcoSystem Sump????

Yes!!! We recommend you place it in chamber number one, please do not place it in chamber number two with the Miracle Mud and the live plants, the algae will grow on the heater and could kill the plants.

Can I use a calcium reactor in an EcoSystem mud filtered tank?