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ECO Phos

Description: Iron-based Phosphate and Silicate Remover

Type: Filter media

Main Points:
• Efficiently and safely removes phosphate from aquarium systems

• Available in FINE and COARSE grades

• For marine aquariums, freshwater tanks and ponds

Eco Phos is a premium grade, iron-based phosphate (PO4) and silicate (SiO2) absorber preferred by industry professionals, because of its high efficiency/capacity and reasonable price. Eco Phos removes large quantities of PO4, SiO2 and heavy metals at a rapid rate. It will have no adverse side-effects on the aquatic conditions, and will not release any absorbed elements. Eco Phos is an extremely porous, premium-quality filtration medium.

Directions for use:
Eco PHOS can be used in the following two ways:
1.) Within a canister filter. Place Eco PHOS between the two layers of filter floss. Initial flushing (rinse media with filter water, then discard water) can be performed to reduce discoloration of water resulting from dissolved fine particles.
2.) Within a fluidized reactor — a more efficient usage. Place within body of fluidized reactor and perform initial flushing. This method optimizes the absorption capacity and lifetime of ECO Phos by making the entire surface of the ECO Phos pad available to filter the water.  Recommended fluidized reactor is the EcoSystem RIM Filter.
(Never place ECO Phos directly into aquarium/pond)

ECO Phos is available as Grade A and Grade B.  Grade A is a finer medium for use in aquariums with a higher concentration of PO4 or a new setup. Grade B is a coarser medium for tanks with a lower concentration of PO4 or an already established setup.

For aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.   

Ferric hydroxide

Sizes Available:
500ml, 1000ml, 4000ml

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