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Metal Halide


The EcoSystem Aquarium Metal halide fixture is the perfect lighting source for the ECO Mini. It fits securely on the Mini and has been designed with safety in mind, so the light will not fall into the tank. The units are available with either 70-or 150-watt bulbs.

The light fixture has a rust-resistant coating, designed to protect it from the marine environment. The light itself can be lowered or raised easily, with the turn of a screw. This is an important feature when changing bulbs, and ensures that the invertebrates in the system will not get burned by the new light intensity. The fixture may also be rotated for easy access when cleaning the tank.

Each metal halide unit comes with a German electronic ballast (UL listed) to ensure the quality and long life of the lighting system. We use USHIO bulbs, made in Germany, to get the best lighting spectrums available on the market today. The success of a thriving reef aquarium depends on the use of the correct lighting. The unique pendant-style fixture is designed to be the perfect addition to your state-of-the-art ECO Mini nano system.

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