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ECO Iodine Liquid

Description: Adds essential iodine for all reef inhabitants.

Type: Reef Aquarium Supplement

Main Points:

•Adds iodine into reef systems

• Prevents corals from bleaching

• Phosphate and Nitrate Free


Iodide is an important trace element that helps prevent goiter in sharks and bleaching in corals. It is useful in the cultivation of Xenia and other delicate soft corals, and aids crustaceans in the molting process. Additionally, it also helps maintain the vibrant coloration of corals, anemones and clams. Although typically contained in most salt mixes, iodide is rapidly depleted in a normal reef system, either through normal biological processes (being used up by the inhabitants) or by being removed through protein skimming. ECO IODINE has been specially formulated to replenish iodide and provide a readily available source of iodide to ensure the continued health and well-being of reef tank inhabitants, both fish and invertebrates. Phosphate and nitrate free!

Directions for use:

Before using ECO IODINE, measure the iodide concentration using a reliable test kit. Maintaining an iodide level of 1.03-0.50 ppm is essential to the health of reef tank inhabitants. If the level falls below 0.03 ppm, do the following: Add ECO IODINE at a dosage of 1 ml per 20 U.S. gallons (80 liters) of actual aquarium water volume per week. For aquariums with dense populations of rapidly growing corals and calcareous algae, add 1 ml per 10 U.S. gallons (40 liters). Do not overdose.


For aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.


Deionized water, iodide salts, stabilizers

Guaranteed Analysis:

Iodine (min)7,500 mg/L

Sizes Available:

8oz, 16oz, 128oz

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