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Mini Reef Aquariums


Build the ultimate nano-reef in the simple and elegant ECO MINI! The MINI incorporates the best and most well-known filtration methodologies in the world, in a compact, simple package. The superior quality of the MINI will make your nano reef environment second only to Mother Nature.

  • Just set it up, turn it on and “voila” — Success is at your finger tips
  • Uses American, German and Italian components
  • Incorporates proven and superior reef filtration system methods
  • With the proven innovative technology employed in the MINI, reef animals will have the best chance to thrive long term.
  • Requires minimal maintenance

The ECO MINI aquariums are the least expensive of all nano reef aquarium setups available on the market. Do your homework…please. Not only are they built with the highest quality in mind, they have also incorporated all the correct equipment components to make sure that you will have the best chance of keeping corals healthy and thriving in the aquarium! We believe that you will not only save money with these MINI reef aquariums, you will also prevent the loss of the animals’ lives that are in your care. It is our hope that we will help you succeed in this wonderful endeavor.

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