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ECO Mini 28R Aquarium

Eco Mini 28r Front Eco Mini 28R Back


“Of all the nano aquariums I have set up and maintained, the ECO MINI is the best! The fan, as well as the open top, means heat is not an issue, as it is in the traditional “hotbox” we are so used too in most nano aquarium designs.”

Scott Michael, Author of Pocket Guide to Freshwater Fishes

The ECO MINI 28R nano aquarium incorporates the EcoSystem Miracle Mud Method in a superior-quality, built-in filtration system. This unique filtration system ensures that the animals housed in the aquarium have the best chance to thrive long term. The EcoSystem Method has three distinct functions:

  1. It is the most efficient denitrifying filter (fixes/eliminates nitrate in the aquarium);
  2. Miracle Mud continuously replenishes the mineral and trace element concentration in the aquarium, making this the most comprehensive filter available (you do not need add any supplements to this nano aquarium);
  3. The built-in refugium provides a continuous micro food-web for your nano tank inhabitants.

In addition, the ECO MINI 28R has a phosphate-removing component built in, to keep this nano aquarium free of nuisance algae and/or cyanobacteria (red slime algae).

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One desktop curve-front glass aquarium
One complete filtration system attached to the aquarium, based on the EcoSystem Miracle Mud Method
One built-in refugium
One filter canopy with fan attached
Two small, 14-ounce/397 gram Miracle Mud trays
One LED refugium light
One ECO Phos carbon cartridge
One ECO Dura 800 submersible pump for Mini system, with bioballs


  • Turn-key 28-gallon (104 liter) nano system measures (L x W x H): 19½ x 20¾ x 17½ inches (49.5 x 53 x 44.5 centimeters)
  • Durable glass construction: Body = 0.31 inch (8 millimeters) thick; Bottom glass = 0.39 inch (10 millimeters) thick
  • Built-in refugium filter based on EcoSystem Method
  • Refugium compartment lighted with waterproof LED lights
  • UL-listed Italian pumps included
  • Ventilation fan included
  • Open infinity top (maintains temperature to keep system cool)
  • ECO Phos carbon filter cartridge removes phosphates and organics from the water
  • All parts are replaceable for easy repair and long-lasting use