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Refugium System


“My family and Wet Pets and Friends feel that the EcoSystem Refugium is the best filter available, because of the unparalleled quality of construction and customer service! We will continue carrying, selling and recommending the EcoSystem Refugium as our favorite filter.”

The Taimuty Family
Wet Pets & Friends

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While most marine aquarists are only able to maintain a fish-only tank or a coral reef aquarium, with the Miracle Mud Method, keeping BOTH FISH AND CORALS TOGETHER SUCCESSFULLY is not only possible, but it is the norm! What’s more, you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money maintaining the tank, but instead, most of your time will be spent in front of the aquarium, enjoying a system modeled after Mother Nature.

Please choose from table below the EcoSystem Refugium Filter for your aquarium.

At EcoSystem Aquarium, we pride ourselves in the fact that we only introduce products to aquarists that are superior in quality, and have been time-tested to ensure the animals’ health and well-being, first and foremost

These Reefugium systems come complete and ready to run. There is no additional plumbing required.

Refugium System Models:

Refugium 100, Refugium 200



Refugium 100 – EcoSystem Refugium Filter System 100

“The Best In-Line Refugium Addition to Your Existing Filtration System to
Achieve Your Aquatic Showpiece”

– Includes: 24″L x 8″W x 8″H Acrylic Reefugium Box, 10 lbs. Miracle
– Mud, (1) 18 watt PC Litht, Rio 2100 Pump, Intake hose & Return
– Flexi hose with fixtures.

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Refugium 200 – EcoSystem Refugium Filter System 200

– Includes: 36″L x 8″W x 8″H Acrylic Reefugium Box, 20 lbs. Miracle
– Mud, (2) 13 watt PC Light, Rio 2100 Pump, Intake hose & Return
– Flexi hose with fixtures.

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